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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We are a dynamic business that does amazing things for our clients. We are 100% focused on helping you achieve clear market leadership utilizing the most effective online channels and social media. When you partner with Drinking Horse Media, we are your business’ integrated online marketing department. Drinking Horse Media was founded on the core principal that Australian business owners want & need an Independent Online Marketing Specialist, to help them navigate the digitisation of their business, with a focus on online marketing & communications. Drinking Horse Media, your business' Online Marketing Department, constantly research and evolve our services & technology because this fast paced industry demands it. We invest in best of breed technology and the latest data sources to deliver outstanding results for our clients. As new trends & technologies arise, we assess their suitability for each client and adopt as needed. You won’t be constrained to proprietary software owned by the provider or limited only to products with hidden margins. As an exclusive partner you can be sure your marketing department is at the cutting edge of new developments, so your business can be too.

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